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Magnetic Virtual Assistant's

Welcome to "Magnetic Virtual Assistant"

Let's face it, in order for your business to grow, you need to put work into it. But that doesn't mean that you have to be the only one doing all the work, nor does it mean it should cost you a fortune to hire a full team to do it for you.

Whether it's marketing work, SEO, site creation, research, e-mailing leads, writing, etc., our outsourcing team is the team for you.

Never Before Have You Had The Opportunity To Get Your Own Virtual Assistants Who Have Been Trained In Specific Fields By The Industry's Best Experts!

Before We Start Work On Your Account, You Get A Phone/Skype Call, So We Completely Understand Your Business And Your Goals (Personalized Touch)!

It's 100% FREE!

Now You Can Focus On Running Your Business, While We Are Hard At Work Bringing You New Customers!

What To Expect When You Choose To Work With MVA:

  • No Lock In Contracts (Cancel Anytime)
  • 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Your Very Own Account Manager
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Monthly Reports
  • Best Of All.. Results!

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say About Us:

Mary Sulemani

Growing your new business is easy with MVA. You too can get fast results, quality leads and fast rankings when you take the initial step and join up like I did.

You will love the live contact with your personal Account Manager (and I mean live via Skype), best of all you will know you are in good hands!

Mary Sulemani, Free Software Just For You!
Asheley Biggart

"Being able to find high calibre staff I can trust and rely on to do my lead finding, SEO and administrative tasks has been a challenge till I got introduced to my MVA's team a few months ago. The best part of using MVA is their work ethics, refreshingly transparent and professional attitude to helping me achieve the goals we discussed.  My accounts manager's communication skills is second to none."

Business is picking up well.

Asheley Biggart, AMMARADEK
Cy Wong

I had a very co-incidental chance meeting with Matthew Lee after I joined the Magnetic Virtual Assistant program; I was traveling in Asia (August 2016) and I got an invite to visit with him, in person, and his team in the Philippines!

We were together for almost four full days, talking one-on-one on everything under the Sun; I also spent time in his new office, got to meet with several of his team leaders, that’s when I realized what he was doing was not all about SEO, building out authority sites, adding backlinks, and buying facebook ads, but was really about sharing information, providing answers to other people’s concerns, compassion for one another and passion for adding values to customer’s life.

I was totally blown away by his genuine helpfulness towards me and his love for his team, he sincerely wanted to help his employees as much as his clients. I was sold! I think I will remain with the MVA program for a long time to come.

Cy Wong, Early Retirement Tips

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Each Module Has A Number Associated To It. These Are Known As "Credits", Every Month You Use Your Credits To Acquire The Services Your Business Needs!


Step 3: Customize Your Package,

Mix and match the modules your business requires from our extensive range of services.

Not Sure About What Your Business Needs? Ask One Of Our Experts To Help Customize Your Package For The Best Results!


Clerical Modules

  • General Admin

    (125 Credits)

    Free up valuable time and focus on growing your business not being your business.

  • Billing

    (100 Credits)

    We can invoice your customers and follow up on outstanding invoices, while you dedicate your valuable time elsewhere

  • Appointment Setting

    (75 Credits)

    Stop wasting your time setting new appointments, we manage you calendar and set your appointments for you.

  • Helpdesk

    (175 Credits)

    Your customers can experience the Customer Service they deserve, Our expert consultants take care of everything.


SEO Modules

  • PBN Creation

    (250 Credits)

    Take advantage of the most Powerful link boosting websites known to the SEO industry. Most SEO Firms keep these hidden from you but not us!

  • Backlinking

    (200 Credits)

    Ranking just became a whole lot easier with our Exclusive 50 High Quality Linking Module, Watch your website soar with this package!

  • On-Site SEO

    (125 Credits)

    Whether it is adding H1, H2, H3 Tags, placing ALT Tags on any images, Selecting the right Keywords or making your page more interactive to reduce bounce rates, we have you covered.

  • Website Analysis

    (25 Credits)

    Find out how your websites health is once and for all. We will do a complete analysis and notify you of what changes need to be made to get your website ranking fast!


Marketing Modules

  • Article Marketing

    (100 Credits)

    Experienced Article Marketers will drive your sales up by placing professionally written articles from our Sales Copy Writing Team.

  • Social Media Marketing

    (150 Credits)

    The fine art of Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool when done correctly, stay up to date with our experienced Social Media Managers

  • Forum Marketing

    (100 Credits)

    Maximize your ROI with Forum Marketing, Contributing in NICHE related Forums will have you recognized as the Authority while increasing sales

  • Video Marketing

    (200 Credits)

    One of the most powerful marketing mediums is Video. Your VA will have your PPV rate lower than you ever expected, Your message displays your way.

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